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Polite and fair, Music World Records wants to make sure you get the most money for your records. We travel to you, appraise your records and make an offer on the spot: no collection is too large, no concern is too small. With over a decade's experience, Music World Records will pay the most cash for your vinyl records.   

We buy all kinds of music and all types of vinyl, including LPs, 45s, 12-inch singles and 78s. We also buy local music memorabilia—concert posters, promotional photos, and demo recordings of musicians from your area. 

Founded by two music lovers/DJs, Zack and Jason, Music World is based in Durham, North Carolina. Since 2011, we’ve traveled across the country buying records from hundreds of people and offering convenient, fast, and friendly service.

To schedule an appointment, please call us today at our toll-free number
(888) 812-3160, or fill out our simple form on this page.  

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Examples: Soul, Rock, Rap, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Country, Folk, "World"
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 Two of our buyers, Zack (left) and Jason (right). 

Two of our buyers, Zack (left) and Jason (right). 

 Music World Records is rated A+ by the BBB: please click to see our full profile. 

Music World Records is rated A+ by the BBB: please click to see our full profile. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of records do you often buy?

Rock, Soul, Jazz, Rap, R&B, Dance (Disco, House), Islands, World, strange and obscure pieces

What type of records do you not often buy?

Show-Tunes, Big Band, Classical, Most Country, Time-Life & Reader's Digest sets

When will you be in my area?

We make house calls across the country, and are constantly scheduling new appointments. To set up such an appointment, please call (888) 812-3160 or fill out the form (link) above.

What kinds of music do you buy?

We buy many kinds of music, but are especially excited to see soul, R&B, jazz, gospel, Islands (including reggae), rock, rap, dance and any strange, unknown and obscure-seeming pieces of vinyl.

We generally don't buy show-tunes, big band, Time-Life or Reader's Digest sets, comedy, classical or country records. 

Do my records need to be in their original covers?

That depends. 45s, 12"s and 78s do not need to be in their original covers, but LP albums do. 

Is there a minimum or maximum for collections that you look at?
No: the more records you have, the better! 

Is there a charge for your service?
Never. All appointments are obligation-free, and we never pressure anyone to sell their records. 

How much are my records worth?

The money value of a piece of vinyl depends on three things: artist, title and the condition of the record. Most records are not worth much more than a dollar, but certain artist's title can be worth much more (and so we pay accordingly). The better condition the surface and structure of a record, the better price it can fetch. 

How do you pay?
We always pay cash on the spot. 
What format of record do I have?
If you’re curious, here’s a useful guide. Your vinyl collection may contain the following formats:

  • 45 RPM singles
    These records are seven inches across and usually have a large center hole. They play at 45 RPM, and most often have one song on each side. Some people call them “seven inches,” others “45s” or “singles.”
  • LPs
    The traditional album format. They are 12″ across, have small center holes, typically play at 33 1/3 RPM, and have several songs a side. They are usually called “LPs,” “33s,” “albums,” or “records.”
  • 12″ Singles
    These records became popular around the time of disco, and look a lot like LPs. They are also 12″ across and have a small center hole, but usually only have one song on each side. Many disco, dance, and rap singles came out on 12″.
  • 78s
    The first popular record format, 78s are usually made of shellac, and can be distinguished from LPs or 45s by their unique size (10″ across, in between the size of a 45 and LP). They usually have one song per side, and require a special type of needle and turntable to play.
  • 10″ LPs
    If you have a record that’s 10″ in diameter (like a 78) but plays at 33 1/3 RPM and has several songs per side (like an album), you probably have a 10″ LP.
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Music World Records  

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